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Episode 5 - Nicola Dore

05. Business leap, setting boundaries and trusting your gut

Episode Summary

Today we are talking to Nicola Dore from Arcane Agency. Marketing professional and business trainer – basically she is your marketing secret weapon. And hell yes, who doesn’t need that in their business life. 


Today we are chatting all things business leap, setting boundaries (and I am going to side with Nicola here and say this is definitely a work in progress for me both of us), to undertaking a full rebrand and jumping into a commercial lease as the business expanded.


We have a mixture of risk taking, trusting your gut, getting over some speed humps along the way to come full circle in business.

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • Business ownership is in your blood
  • Fear of taking the leap
  • Trusting your gut
  • Ignorance is bliss (initially!!)
  • Planning for a rainy (financial) day

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